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Il Musmeci Bianco Contrada Caselle

A frame of an iconic Contrada, a manual selection made by a few centennial "Alberelli". A Carricante that carries with him the sea memory and the unicity of Milo, a limited edition that encloses the essence of the Eastern slope of Mt. Etna.

VARIETAL: Carricante 100%
COLOR: straw yellow with green shades
SMELL: herbs, lemon thyme, vanilia, wax, citrus zest
TASTE: complex and vertical, sharp and savoury

AGE OF THE VENEYARD: 90 years old 7 original rootstock
ALTITUDE: 950 mt.
SOIL COMPOSITION: Milo, Contrada Caselle. Milo, on the eastern side of Etna is the homeland for Carricante grapes, often lashed by strong rainfalls has the highest rain percentage around the whole island. The soil composition is complex with extreme pedo-climatic conditions, which if expertly supported are able to give unique wines for taste and longevity. The soil, made by centuries of the volcanic activity, has several layers of minerals and salts, pumice, lapilli, fine and light ash. This terroir, that has a subacid reaction, is particularly fertile and able to produce a very high total acidity. Here the Carricante finds its pure and typical expression. The unique conditions, in fact, allows to grow grapes at incredibly high altitudes, with a great late-ripening and aging potential.

HARVEST: October
YELD PER HA: 4.000 kg
VINIFICATION AND AGEING: 2 years in stainless steal, 6 months in tonneaux and 2 years in bottle
TOTAL PRODUCTION: 650 bottles per year.

Vintage 2015

Vintage 2015 weather trend

This vintage has been characterized by a very harsh winter, with prohibitive temperatures, late snows and very frequent rains that lasted almost until Easter. June was characterized by heavy rain and hail that caused some leaf damage and delayed ripening again, which subsequently harmonized with an extremely dry and hot summer with temperatures that exceeded 40 ° C. In October, our old vineyard was carefully selected, eliminating 20% of production and in spite of the climate disharmony we recorded an excellent maturation and acidity from which we expect a great development in elegance and finesse over time, which at the moment is perceived timidly in a wine with a great body, structure and tannins, rich in hints of ink, cinchona, rose hip and ash, with a long evolutionary perspective in front.

Vintage 2017

Vintage 2017 weather trend

Vintage 2017 will go down in history for the singularity of a torrid and extremely dry summer in the whole peninsula. However the Milo district and in particular Contrada Caselle have reported great differences respect to the North side, and even in these extreme conditions Etna has been able to protect the vineyards by mitigating the extraordinary climatic conditions. The summer, did not have the thermal excesses that have been registered a little everywhere and our century-old vineyards have not suffered the consequences of the prohibitive and dry climate. The harvest was very healthy, made by selecting only the oldest bush vines during the first decade of October, with white grapes of good sugar concentration and excellent tartaric acidity, not very malic and an important supply of aromas. Our Contrada Caselle stands out for a dense and vertical acid span, with citrus and candied, smoked and toasted notes, a sapid, iodine, persistent and complex finish stands out.