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Il Musmeci Rosso Riserva Speciale di Roberto Silva

We decided to dedicate our CRU of Nerello Mascalese to the Musmeci family, and especially to Mr. Ignazio Musmeci, the one who for many years has kept "I Vigne di Fessina" with so much love that allowed us to work on vines of over eighty years old . It is the story of this extraordinary land, with its landscapes, its colors, its civilization that interweave with the destiny of people. And to the wine that will be born. This special edition connects the memory of Ignazio to Roberto, which started this company with Silvia, it’s another dedication to the heart and soul of Fessina, a special wine connected with the emotional path of the estate beginning, a dream connected with our oldest roots.

DENOMINATION: Etna Rosso D.O.C.Riserva

VARIETAL: Nerello Mascalese 100%

COLOR: pale ruby with brick red shades
SCENT: ink, forest floor, rose petal, balsamic, ashes, goudron, licorice, figs, iron
TASTE: tannic center silky and velvety, high acidity and sharp mineral end, round and soft finish with a little hint of wild strawberries


AGE OF THE VENEYARD: plus 100 years old
ALTITUDE: 700 mt.
SOIL COMPOSITION: Rovittello, the pulsating heart of Fessina, is gathered between two semi-circular lava flows, a nest that brings to mind the ancient concept of French clos. The soil is fine and deep, composed mainly of pumice, fine destructured clays and ancient powders. The terroir has centenarians rootstocks, mainly consisting of Alberelli of Nerello Mascalese, a small portion of Nerello Cappuccio and some plants of Carricante and Minnella. Terraces mark the centuries dividing the various genotypes and the various ages. This cauldron of biodiversity is revealed hidden, an amphitheater that protects and develops a unique specificity that gives it feminine, irony and finely spicy notes. The approximately 8000 plants per hectare and the difference of genotypical character and age are a clear symbol of peasant agriculture on the volcano, made of ancient handmade vineyards, tradition and history.

HARVEST: October
YELD PER HA: 4.500 kg
VINIFICATION AND AGEING: soft destemming-crushing with rollers after a careful selection of the grapes in the vineyard and on the sorting belt in the cellar
TOTAL PRODUCTION: 1000 magnums

Vintage 2017

Vintage 2017 weather trend

The 2017 vintage was characterized by a cool and mild winter until the end of December. January was very dry while the entire months of February and March were characterized by the rigidity of the climate and the frequent snowfalls even at low altitudes up to the first half of May, where there was a temperature rise with highs around 30 ° C. For the following four months we have witnessed extreme thermal situations with highs that have touched 40 ° C, accompanied by very hot Scirocco winds. The manual selection of the old Vineyard was extremely accurate, collecting only the best Mascalese bunches in a strictly accurate and manual session. The hidden position, protected by the sciara and the extremely sandy soil rich in pumice and powder have led to a wine that stands out for its feminine and austere elegance, rich in citrus notes, Mediterranean scrub, ash, rose petal and forest floor, the small wild fruit develops on the final, round and persistent, slightly sweet and still very young tannins with a marked acidity. Our RS was produced only in Magnum, laying the foundations for an iconic wine. Our old vineyard is designed to represent the heart of the company.