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Il Musmeci Rosso

We decided to dedicate our CRU of Nerello Mascalese to the Musmeci family, and especially to Mr. Ignazio Musmeci, the one who for many years has kept "I Vigne di Fessina" with so much love that allowed us to work on vines of over eighty years old . It is the story of this extraordinary land, with its landscapes, its colors, its civilization that interweave with the destiny of people. And to the wine that will be born.

DENOMINATION: Etna Rosso D.O.C. Riserva.
VARIETAL: Nerello Mascalese 100%

COLOR: pale ruby with brick red shades
SCENT: red fruit under spirit, forest floor, mentholate and balsamic, ashes, goudron, humus, licorice, tobacco, capers, rosemary
TASTE: tannic center silky and velvety, persistent acidity, goudron, glacial mint, ripe red fruit, marasca cherry, nutmeg, round finish, enveloping and complex

ALTITUDE: 700 mt
HARVEST: October
YIELD PER HA: 5.000 kg
VINIFICATION : soft destemming-crushing with rollers after a careful selection of the grapes in the vineyard and on the sorting belt in the cellar
FERMENTATION:fermentation in red with maceration on the skins for 10-15 days at a temperature between 25 and 28 ° C
AGING: 10 -12 months in French oak barrels of 5 hl, after another step in big oak barrels of 35 hl for 6-8 months, final aging in bottle for at least 4 years
TOTAL PRODUCTION: 10.000 bottles of 0,75 cl and 200 magnum of 1,5 lt

Vintage 2007

Vintage 2007 weather trend
Very warm vintage with prolonged drought.

Vintage 2008

Vintage 2008 weather trend
Cool spring, good rainfalls; very hot summer, chilled autumn.

Vintage 2009

Vintage 2009 weather trend
Very humid and rainy spring. Short summer with an heat peak in late July. Humid and chilled autumn with a time of fine weather between late September and mid-October; second half of September with an uncommon rainfall.

Vintage 2010

Vintage 2010 weather trend
Vine growing cycle, during blossoming and setting , has a normal course, helped by a great water availability accumulated during autumn-winter period. Ripening and maturation has been excellent. Cause of September rain, harvest has been delayed of few days. Good yield, with great grapes acidity. This vintage wines are fresh and with a good aging potential.

Vintage 2011

Vintage 2011 weather trend

Ripe and healthy grapes even if slightly unbalanced between sugar and a quite high acidity caused by a long time without rainfall from the mid-time of June until the beginning of harvest. Thanks to the rainfall of late September, a correct phenolic maturation has been reached. Musts with a high sugar level created rather alcoholic wines with a great aging potential.

Vintage 2012

Vintage 2012 weather trend

IVery harsh winter with a lot of rainfall. Dry and mild spring followed by a hot summer, that caused an early harvest. Wines are sapid with very mellow tannins. Positive harvest in 2012. Musmeci is austere and sophisticated with earthy, complex and smoked flavor; a feminine and round Mascalese, with intense notes, volcanic and silky.

Vintage 2014

Vintage 2014 weather trend

The 2014 vintage was characterized by a mild and dry winter, followed by a rather rainy and humid spring that caused particular attention in the vineyard in relation to possible Oidium attacks.The summer was dry with minimal percentages of rain, which brought a discreet balance and harmony with very vigorous vegetative phases.The veraison was very slow and on Nerello the phenolic maturation was late, the harvest started on the second decade of October and ended almost in November, giving timid wines in the first steps, with green tannins but with great aging potential that today are silky, deep and in harmony with a Cru that has balsamic flavors, with small wild fruits, leather, ink and roses with great acidity and persistence.

Vintage 2015

Vintage 2015 weather trend

This vintage has been characterized by a very harsh winter, with prohibitive temperatures, late snows and very frequent rains that lasted almost until Easter.The cold climate has delayed the beginning of the vegetative phase in Rovittello by almost a month with a sprouting that began during the first week of May. Subsequently the temperatures rose suddenly, causing a rapid and constant growth despite very low temperatures. June was characterized by heavy rain and hail that caused some leaf damage and delayed ripening again, which subsequently harmonized with an extremely dry and hot summer with temperatures that exceeded 40 ° C. At the end of the first week of September, a tropical storm caused copious precipitations followed by a dry and hot climate for the rest of the whole month, causing intense manual labor in the field. In October, our old vineyard was carefully selected, eliminating 20% of production and in spite of the climate disharmony we recorded an excellent maturation and acidity from which we expect a great development in elegance and finesse over time, which at the moment is perceived timidly in a wine with a great body, structure and tannins, rich in hints of ink, cinchona, rose hip and ash, with a long evolutionary perspective in front.