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STARTING FROM THE PLACE: a 17th century Palmento hidden among old vineyards on the slopes of Etna. An ancient corner of the world, a nest hidden between two skiing indifferent to the flowing time, intangible in its nuances, but vibrant with emotions, aromas and stories.

An ancient corner of the world, a nest hidden between two lava slopes regardless to the ravages of time, ethereal in its nuances but vibrant with emotions, aromas and stories.

A place where get contact again with the simplicity of shapes, a protected amphitheater naturally designed for conviviality and hospitality, creating a connection with the centenarian old vines, with the ancient stones, with the earth and the ashes of the volcano. Strong emotions experienced by the lava and wild habitat. A wonder place, therefore, experienced from the character of the buildings that reinterpret the architecture and the original shapes respecting their essence and soul. A humanistic vision that focuses on senses: to see earth, to feel stone, to breathe memory of wine, smells of fabrics and elusive aromas of the seasons. Fessina is a sensory path that can be evoked by a lava artifact or by a tangled, centenary vine.

Every ornament becomes a festive companion of discovery, both as an expression of pure aesthetics and as a reminder of that ancient need of man to surround himself with warmth and beauty: Sicilian lace, decorated lava stone, old iron tools, objects of local art and Sicilian history and memories mingle with the primitive nature of shapes and materials without nostalgia, letting contemporary vision express authentically and in harmony. These elements make Fessina not just a place to be visited but to be experienced: Fessina does not simply tell a story, does not lead anywhere, Fessina is a place where the path ends as whispered by the warm wind between the leaves of the vines.

Everywhere there is a sense of proportion between the gentle lines and the different layers of materials that generate a refined elegance that is never conventional and respects tradition linking beauty and wellness for our guests.