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Erse Rosso

Erse, the call of the sunrise and the dew at dawn. "The blue of the drops of the dew." The blue of the sky of Etna.

VARIETALS: Nerello Mascalese 90%, Nerello Cappuccio 8%, Minnella, Carricante 2%

COLOR: light ruby
SCENT: wild berries, coriander, cloves, pimento and pink pepper.
TASTE: austere and soft tannins. Round and spicy, Erse tells an old story about Etna winemaking, where for hundred years the red grapes have been mixed with the white ones, a marriage between indigenous varieties. A picture of our melting pot vineyard where tastes and roots are melted together, giving a feminine complexity.

ALTITUDE: 700 mt.
YIELD PER HA: 6.000 kg
VINIFICATION: soft de-stemming and crushing with rollers after a careful selection of the grapes in the vineyard and on the sorting belt in the cellar.
FERMENTATION: fermentation with controlled temperature maceration in stainless steel tanks.
TIME OF MACERATION ON THE PEELS: 6 to 9 days of maceration depending on the vintages, fermentation temperatures between 23 and 26 ° c to extract color and perfumes
AGING: aging in bottle for at least one year

Vintage 2008

Vintage 2008 weather trend
Cool spring, good rainfalls; very hot summer, chilled autumn.

Vintage 2009

Vintage 2009 weather trend
Very humid and rainy spring. Short summer with a heat peak in late July. Humid and chilled autumn with a time of fine weather between late September and mid-October; second half of September with an uncommon rainfall.

Vintage 2010

Vintage 2010 weather trend
Vine growing cycle, during blossoming and setting , has a normal course, helped by a great water availability accumulated during autumn-winter period. Ripening and maturation has been excellent. Cause of September rain, harvest has been delayed of few days. Good yield, with great grapes acidity. This vintage wines are fresh and with a good aging potential.

Vintage 2011

Vintage 2011 weather trend
Ripe and healthy grapes even if slightly unbalanced between sugar and a quite high acidity caused by a long time without rainfall from the mid-time of June until the beginning of harvest. Thanks to the rainfall of late September, a correct phenolic maturation has been reached. Musts with a high sugar level created rather alcoholic wines with a great aging potential.

Vintage 2012

Vintage 2012 weather trend
Winter was very rigid with a lot of rainfall until March. The top of the volcano was covered with snow until the beginning of summer, with heavy and late snowfall. Spring was dry and mild, hot summer, just one thunderstorm in July irrigated vineyards giving a source of water that gave a nice vitality and allowed to the vines to stay healthy until September. September was unusual, warmer and drier than average, the same for the first twenty days of October, in fact, we had a late but quiet harvest, with good quality grapes. Wines are sapid with very mellow tannins. Positive harvest in 2012.

Vintage 2013

Vintage 2013 weather trend

Dry Spring followed by long a not so hot summer. A lot of rainfall in August and September, maturation was slow and gradual having good quality grapes with an interesting flavour profile. September was very cold followed by October with good and dry weather, nice harvest with healthy grapes.

Vintage 2014

Vintage 2014 weather trend

Nice weather during all the season: the spring rainfalls combined by precipitations at the beginning of the summer created a good water source for vine growing cycle. Summer temperatures in seasonal average, without heat peaks, allowed a perfect vegetation on the vines. An “Etna style” vintage with rainfalls in early September that guaranteed great quality followed by a sunny October that allowed to make a harvest with healthy and ripened grapes with a great phenolic maturation of Nerelli. The harvest of Carricante was between 15th and 26th October, followed by Nerello Mascalese harvest.

Vintage 2015

Vintage 2015 weather trend

Harsh winter with a lot of rainfalls, the accumulation of water allowed a good vegetative development and a great blossoming. Heavy rains in the middle of August invigorated the vineyard, creating a good water source and vitality for the vineyard. Alternating moments of little rainfalls and warm weeks at the beginning of September guaranteed dry and ripened grapes. A great harvest fable to give wines with a good aging potential and complexity.

Vintage 2016

Vintage 2016 weather trend

Not harsh winter with few rainfall and snowfall until February. A lot of rainfall and temperature under the average in March. Early sprout in April with the temperature above the average during the day and cold during the night. Hot weather helps the grass growing; it is necessary an hard hand work to control them. At the end of April vineyard are good and healthy, shoots are more developed than the average.

Vintage 2017

Vintage 2017 weather trend

The 2017 vintage was characterized by a cool and mild winter until the end of December. January was very dry while the entire months of February and March were both characterized by the rigidity of the climate and the frequent snowfalls even at low altitudes up to the first half of May, where there was a temperature rise with highs around 30 ° C. For the following four months we have witnessed to extreme thermal situations with temperatures that have touched 40 ° C, accompanied by very hot Scirocco winds. However, the conditions of scorching heat and the drought of the land did not cause great stress or loss on our Mascalese vineyard, despite the torrid temperatures have caused a great concentration and a lower average production, especially on the upper part of the vineyard, which is more exposed and slightly higher. September and October were equally dry but certainly fresher, with some slight pre-harvest precipitation  that hydrated the younger ones. Our Erse Rosso has developed silky tannins, with a definitely ready and pleasant drink and a less pronounced acidity than the previous vintage, the scents of wild red fruit, cinchona and ink, pepper and eucalyptus stand out. An elegant wine with a complex structure, in full evolution.

Vintage 2018

Vintage 2018 weather trend

2018 vintage was characterized by a rainy winter, with temperatures that almost never dropped below freezing. However, since February there has been an almost total absence of rainfalls until April. Spring experienced drought phenomena until late July, pushing the bush vines to a rich and satisfying ripening. However, the rains from August to October, except for mid-September, reached an unusual trend of over 800 mm, that is, the quality of more than a year of rainfall. The wines are more slender than the previous vintage, more feminine, floral and with a higher acidity than the average. Erse Rosso 2019 opens to the nose with hints of ink and small red fruit, graphite, black pepper, is slender and mineral, with an elegant, floral and excellent drinking tannic center.